Erin Filson likes superheroes and dogs. She enjoys dying her hair, reading books, and drinking coffee. When she is bored, she pretends to be a spy.

Creatively, Erin is a doodler and storyteller, her work encompassing illustration, graphic design, animation, and comic book creation. Her recent artistic involvement with local non-profit, Feminist Public Works (formerly HollabackPhilly), has won her praise from several media outlets including Glamour Magazine, MTV, Campus Progress, Vitamin W, and Bitch Media. Most importantly of all, she was named Geekadelphia’s “Geek of the Week” on May 22, 2013.


Zodiac    Aries

Myers-Briggs  ▽  INFP

Enneagram  ▽  4; The Individualist

Alignment   Chaotic Good